KBIS 2010 has come and gone, but I have to indulge in one more day of reporting.

Even as companies like Kleenex encourage ever greater use of disposable paper products, there is still the development of products that eliminate the need for waste paper altogether.

I’m talking, of course, about the bidet.

One of the booths I visited at KBIS was Coway, who had a pretty entertaining–if not graphic–presentation to educate us masses on the benefits of a Coway bidet. There’s the self-cleaning bidet, the remote controlled bidet, and even the hydro-electric bidet, whose batteries are charged by the flushing of the toilet. The two presenters were as entertaining as they were frank, guiding us along an animated depiction of toilet and bidet usage. I left wondering if the only way they could outdo themselves next year would be to install private stalls for us booth visitors to tryout the product ourselves.

I was also taken by Linkasink’s handmade sinks that were easily some of the most beautiful pieces on display at the event. Take a gander at some of their work, particularly the mosaic sinks. You can begin to see how just one fixture can transform the kitchen or bath space.

On the practical end of things I ran across the Korky booth and their dual shut-off fill valve for toilets that prevents water loss due to flapper leaks or stuck flappers. It reminded me of the Green Flush toilet valve, another toilet water saving device. Always good to see inventive minds coming up with earth-friendly products for our homes. Go Korky.

Great job to all those who were part of KBIS organization and execution. See you all next year in Las Vegas for KBIS 2011!