This week is Hurricane Preparedness Week. What does that mean, exactly? It’s the week when sites like this one educate readers on the importance of hurricane preparedness and storm safety. Even as I type this there is a gale off the bahamas threatening to become a tropical storm. And we all know what those can become.

The National Hurricane Center is one of the better websites out there for information on Hurricane Preparedness–you’ll find an informative list of the many hurricane hazards, which includes storm surge, high winds, tornados and flooding. Be sure to check out their preparation page.

It’s small wonder a site like would also be a great resource for hurricane preparedness. Spend some time on their Family Disaster Planning page where you’ll be walked through the steps of creating a personalized family disaster plan.

Of course, a visitor can also take some time to browse our extensive library of “storm ready”-themed articles in our Home Improvement Library. You’ll find in-depth pieces on everything from hurricane overviews to storm-ready garage doors.

Finally, take a moment to read this Presidential Proclamation by our very own Barack Obama.

Check back in during the week for more helpful hints and information on hurricane preparedness.

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