With Father’s Day this Sunday, I thought you could use some last-minute gift ideas for Dad. Here are 15 easy suggestions — some don’t even cost any money. Be sure to check our our Father’s Day Gift Guide too.

1. Tune up his lawnmower

2. Buy him a case of his favorite beverage

3. Watch the ball game with him in his Man Cave.

4. Take Mom shopping while he watches the big game

5. Help him set up a workshop.

6. Buy him the NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB package on cable/satellite of his favorite team

7. Buy him a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant (I hear Hooters has a great grilled cheese sandwich)

8. Take him fishing or golfing and don’t expect him to pay

9. Invite him to poker night with your friends and don’t fleece him

10. Clean the gutters

11. Change all the batteries on the smoke detectors

12. If you live at home and you are out of college, pay some rent

13. Organize the garage the way he likes it

14. Get his car detailed

15. Call him or visit him in person and say “Happy Father’s day, you’re the best!”