In her new book “Right-Sizing Your Home,” author Gale Stevens puts our homeowning notion of “bigger is better” under the microscope, challenging readers to answer honestly when asked how much of their home they actually use. Central to Stevens’ book is what she calls the “Art of ‘RE'” — reinvent, reclaim, redesign, rearrange, repurpose, recycle and reduce.

Relocating is not an option. We are not, after all, hermit crabs.

The basic idea? Find ways to more efficiently and effectively use the space you are in.

I like the timing of this book, as it might inject some sense into homeowners and potential homebuyers at a time when the housing market is nursing itself back to health. Perhaps Realtors should hand this out as required reading lest we fall victim again to the consequences of living beyond our means (and needs).

Right-Sizing Your Home