Are you fastidious about cleaning? Some people (my dear mother is among them) take the cleaning of their homes very seriously.

If you are such a person, you will no doubt find interest in the recent news that the Soap and Detergent Industry (or SDA, which we wrote about a back in the winter) has officially changed its name to the American Cleaning Institute.

The new website is a helpful resource for folks who are curious about the many cleaning products that line the shelves of grocery and drug stores across the country. This ingredients page, for example, helps consumers make sense of the product labels and the sodium carbonates, oxygen bleaches and various other active ingredients found in our cleaning products.

You’ll also find tips, tricks and information about every facet of cleaning that goes on in the home, including dishwashing, surface cleaning, laundry and the like. It’s definitely a site worth browsing.

Happy, healthy cleaning!

American Cleaning Institute