First it was going from those old mercury thermostats to programmable thermostats. The next step? Wireless HVAC control.

If we’re to maximize our heating and cooling savings in the home (and take a load off the power grid), wireless HVAC control could just be the way to go. Programmable thermostats are great–they let you set the time of the day to heat or cool and help you avoid unnecessary running of the system. But wireless HVAC control systems like Advector System’s “SELECT-AIR SYSTEM” take it to another level. It’s essentially the HVAC portion of a home automation or home control system, with thermostats that communicate wirelessly. In addition to the “master” thermostat–which controls up to 20 zones–and the individual room wireless thermostats which can replace a light switch, the SELECT-AIR SYSTEM also comes with wireless dampers and airflow registers called the inVENT, which is one of the cooler features to the modern system. The inVENT basically combines an HVAC damper, ceiling register and diffuser into one sleek-looking product that puts those old metal ceiling registers to shame.

Since the system is wireless, it’s perfectly suited for a retrofit, which makes it an even more attractive upgrade. Cost for the SELECT-AIR SYSTEM would depend on the size of the house and the energy goals of the users, but according to one company spokesperson an “average” sized system could be installed for around $3,500.

Check out the Advector website to see the other products that make up the complete system.

Is this a system you’d invest in?

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