Three more products found around the home have recently been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

“Alexander Designs” brand drop-side cribs–sold exclusively at JCPenny–were recalled due to suffocation and fall hazards. Over 11,000 units have been recalled. See the CPSC page for recall details.

160,000 Bravo Sports Trampolines were recalled as incorrect assembly can lead to the bending or breaking of the top rails and legs, which can cause the partial collapse of the unit. At least four injuries have been reported so far. You can contact Bravo Sports for revised assembly instructions or replacement parts by going to their website.

Lasty–and not surprisingly–another type of Roman Shade has been recalled. This time it’s Green Mountain Vista and about 200,000 of their roman shades, recalled due to child strangulation risk. More info on that specific recall can be found on the company website.