I often think of pennies as something of a nuisance. They weigh down my wallet and force me to paw through my coin purse endlessly as I search for more valuable quarters or dimes.

But EPBOT blogger Jen recently proved that pennies can result in stunningly beautiful home décor—and I don’t mean in the “pinch your pennies for long enough and you’ll be able to afford a new backsplash!” sense. Over the course of a few weeks, Jen and her husband surfaced an entire desk with $16 worth of pennies. On the blog, Jen gives a step-by-step tutorial of how they completed the project: they polished the pennies; glued them to the desk; bent the ones along the edge to fit to the curve of the desk; trimmed the pennies that stuck over the edge; covered the whole thing with epoxy; blow-torched the surface; then placed it in its alcove. The process sounds time-consuming and a bit tricky at times (bending the pennies?) but it also definitely sounds doable for most DIY homeowners — especially considering the reward of having such a quirky and beautiful desk at the end.

What do you think? Is this project worth the time and effort?

Credit: EPBOT