Are you worried about your home when you head out of town for Thanksgiving later this week? Are you concerned that light timers, locks, and alarmed windows aren’t going to stop burglars from breaking into your house Home Alone-style?

Instead of leaving your dog behind to chase off any prospective home invaders, you might want to invest in a guard robot.

Think it’s out of your price range? Think again. This New York Times article explains that recently, homeowners have been purchasing toy robots for as low as $110. The toys are intended for kids to use to spy on their siblings. But the adults who buy them have been slightly modifying them so that they’re more effective as home monitors. From anywhere with an Internet connection, homeowners can prowl the house with the robot, checking on the cats and making sure nothing is amiss.

Would you purchase a toy robot to defend your home this holiday season?

Credit: New York Times