Up here on the frozen Vermont tundra, backyard hockey season has officially kicked off. With just about all of Mallets Bay frozen (and most of Lake Champlain the same), the goals were dusted off and a fresh, 2011 rink shoveled out. The ice underneath what snow had fallen was decent — not true hockey rink quality or even pond hockey quality for that matter, mind you. But it would serve for an evening of night hockey, enjoyed under the 1000 Watt Cooper Halogen standlight and two 500 Watt Halogen portable work lights.

As the image indicates, the four combined lights left a little to be desired, but we made the most of it.

Followers of this blog will recall last year’s Backyard Hockey Rink Saga, which saw the neighbor competing and Mother Nature spoiling.

Already two snowstorms have forestalled additional hockey sessions, with the weight of the snow pushing water up through cracks and causing slush to form. This is going to be another project.

Any tips on launching a successful backyard hockey campaign?

2010 Backyard Hockey Saga