Small steps are better than no steps. When it comes to making small steps towards a more environmentally friendly home life, the bathroom is a good place to start. We dispose of a lot of toilet paper, tissue paper and paper towels in our bathrooms. Small Steps from Marcal is a new bathroom paper product line that can make you feel less guilty about all that throwing and flushing away.

Although they’ve been around for a while, the new and improved Small Step line of toilet paper, tissues and paper towels is supposedly softer (for the tissue) and stronger (for the paper towels). The 100% recycled paper product’s new and improved version will ship in February.

When it comes to paper towels, I’m not incredibly picky. I find that one will do the job about as well as another, so in this category I’m more inclined to pick a product like Small Steps or Seventh Generation, even if the price is a little higher.

But with toilet paper and tissues, comfort matters. Having a runny noses is bad enough – I don’t need to be blowing my nose into sandpaper and turning my nose into Rudolph’s.

I’ll be giving Small Steps a try to see if their new line are up to my personal standards. If they are, they may have a new customer.

Do you use an environmentally paper good product in your home?

Marcal Small Steps