The devastation wreaked upon the nation of Japan by the 9.0 earthquake on March 11 and the tsunami that followed have left wide swaths of the coast in ruins. Thousands upon thousands have been displaced as homes were rocked to the ground and/or swept away by the massive waves that surged across the land.

Clean up efforts are already underway, but the nation looks — and will continue to look — for as much help as the world can give.

Front and center on the relief effort side of things is Habitat for Humanity, which has mobilized volunteers to help with the clean-up process. While a long-term plan is being plotted, Habit for Humanity foresees its response to last for as long as two years.

To get involved in the volunteer clean-up and rebuild effort, email Donations can be made through the Habitat website at or the Habitat for Humanity Japan site at

We’re all wishing for the speediest of recoveries for the nation of Japan. Our hearts and minds continue to be with them in this most trying of times.

Habitat For Humanity