It’s easy to get lazy. No one really wants to wash and rinse out the empty marinara jar following a huge pasta dinner. It’s far less hassle to just toss it in the trash.

And if everyone thought and behaved that way our planet would look like it does in the opening sequence of Wall-E.

Thankfully most of us have better sense and far better habits. Still, recycling is one of those activities that will most likely be undertaken when systems are in place. I.e., it’s been made to be as simple as possible.

Today’s Earth Month Tip is a short Guide to Creating a Recycling Station. With a little planning and organization, recycling becomes a breeze and not a chore.

And if you’re going to designate an outdoor space as the home recycling center, check out this instructional video on How To Build A Wooden Lattice Screen to tastefully conceal the recycling bins from passers-by.

Don’t forget about those food scraps! You can save on daily waste by composting food scraps, coffee grinds and more. Find out How to Make a Compost Pile for your home.

Earth Month is rapidly coming to a close. What have you done to make a difference?

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