Since the Rapture didn’t happen, I guess we can all go back to fighting the day-to-day battles that challenge us in this mortal life on Earth. Like the battle against bed bugs.

We’ve done our fair share of covering of this topic, including the EPA-issued report last August warning homeowners and renters against the use of pesticides labeled for outdoor use on the critters. The report gave some good advice on finding and eliminating bed bugs, but still the problem persisted.

Then there was the announcement about the moving company iMoveGREEN, which certified their moving fleet as being BED BUG FREE. Read up on how they do it.

The latest news in the Bed Bug War centers around a new all-natural pesticide by U.S. Hygiene called Bed Bug Fix. The non-toxic spray solution is derived from an all-purpose insecticide and just gained international distribution rights. Apparently the non-toxic nature of Bed Bug Fix precludes the need for EPA approval. I wonder how effective it is.

Where I am in Burlington, VT, we’ve seen some coverage over the rise in bed bug reports. An acquaintance of mine who is interviewed in the above article recently started a bed bug remediation company that uses specially-trained bed-bug-sniffing dogs to locate the biting buggers. It’s a safer and healthier way to deal with the problem, as opposed to fumigating the entire home. The other method is heat treatment, in which the entire home gets heated to 140 degrees for a few hours. Heat treatment call run up to around $1000 per job.

Have you endured a bed bug infestation? How did you deal with it?