We Americans will find countless ways to celebrate Memorial Day and make the most of the long weekend. But if there’s one activity we’ll pretty much all be doing, it’s firing up the grill.

What’s that? You haven’t even test-driven it? Sounds like you’re going to need to spend an hour or so doing some routine grill maintenance. Relax, it’s not going to throw out your back.

For everyone else, it’s going to be important to follow a few simple safety guidelines, particularly if you have guests and children running about. The CPSC issues a list of grill safety checks that any homeowners would be smart to cross off before setting the three burners to “medium” and the burgers to “delicious.”

The list, compliments of the CPSC:

  • Visually inspect your hoses on the gas grill for cracking, brittleness, holes and leaks.
  • Check the propane tank for leaks. Open the gas supply valve and apply a soapy solution with a brush at the connection point. If you see bubbling, you have a leak.
  • Clean the grill!
  • Here are some operating safety tips:

  • Use the grill outdoors only and in a well-ventilated area. This means no garages, breezeways, carports or porches.
  • Never leave the grill unattended. Make necessary adjustments to the gas or coals to prevent flare-ups. Flare-ups are NOT a sign of master grilling.
  • Keep grill hoses away from hot surfaces and hot grease.
  • Keep children away from the grill area.
  • Have a happy Memorial Day and happy grilling!

    Credit: CPSC Grilling Safety