From all of us here at Renovate Your World, have a great Father’s Day Weekend!

If you really want to make Dad feel special, help him out with these weekend around-the-house projects:

  • Tune up the Lawnmower. The last thing any homeowner wants to do is spend unnecessary money on lawn care equipment. Mowers, trimmers and weed whackers can cost a pretty penny and that’s money better spent elsewhere. Help keep Dad’s mower in working order by giving it a much-needed tune up.
  • Put money in Dad’s pocket with some energy upgrades. Nothing says “I love you, Dad” like a lower utility bill. Spend an hour or two going around Dad’s windows and doors and adding some weatherstripping and caulking to help seal the house up. He’ll save money on air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. It might mean an extra gift for you on your birthday!
  • Bring Dad’s grill up to peak performance. Turning the burners to high after a grilling session for a quick food burn-off isn’t maintaining a grill. Grilling times and consistency suffer when the grill isn’t properly cleaned from top to bottom. Be sure to follow the step to clean out the burner feed tubes of spider nests.
  • Feeling extra appreciative of the Old Man? Try out these more involved projects. He’ll never again threaten to disown you:

  • Boost his home’s curb appeal. That rotting, tilting mailbox has to go. Thank your Dad for being as consistent as the mailman by installing a new mailbox post. Skip this if you’ve got a bad back and don’t forget a pair of work gloves.
  • Give Dad’s property a good washing. Remember those times he washed your mouth out with soap? Thank him for the gesture by taking a pressure washer to his property. Clean off the siding, patio, deck and walkways till it all sparkles like your smile after a bout with a bar of Dial.
  • Get his mind out of the gutter. Dad’s too old to be climbing around on the roof. Get up there for him and give his gutters a good inspection and repair. This will help keep moisture from getting into the home’s foundation and causing even bigger headaches down the road.
  • However you choose to thank Dad for all his fatherly devotion and advice, we hope it’s a great weekend for all.