For those who can’t get enough of killing bed bugs — or for those who have never done so and think they would like the experience — Protect-A-Bed has released its new interactive iPhone game called Bed Bug Plague.

The game is just an addition to the company’s free Bed Bugs 101 iPhone app, which acts as a guide on bed bugs, including how to recognize the pests and identifying symptoms.

The Bed Bugs 101 app — which includes the game — is free. Additionally, the company is offering a chance to win Apple gift cards by registering on the Bed Bug Plague website. Each week until August 31, one randomly drawn registrant will win a $500 Apple gift card.

So I downloaded the app. The game is actually fun, if you can get past the really annoying music, which sounds something like a cross between the Seven Dwarves and the Chipmunks. I’ll admit there is something very satisfying about destroying hordes of bedbugs with lasers and catapults, however.

Check it out and be sure to register for a chance to win a $500 gift card!

Bed Bugs Plague