I only just learned that London once had a “Fridge Mountain,” a pile of discarded refrigerators that towered nearly 20 feet high. Considered a modern art “sculpture” by some, the mountain was removed to make way for construction on the 2012 Olympic facilities.

To honor the fallen Fridge Mountain a group of artists, students, designers and such have constructed an outdoor cinema entirely out of old refrigerators. The project, called “Films on Fridges,” was built near the Olympic site and so they’ll be doing a 17-day run of sport-themed movies.

If you’re in London I hope you get a chance to swing by the cinema to take in Miracle or Chariots of Fire. I’m interested to know how the seating — all built from refrigerators — feels after a two-hour film.

Up next: a Go-Kart race track made from old siding.

Films on Fridges