WaterSense–the EPA’s water conservation movement–has recently launched a public service campaign to increase water-saving awareness.

Well, actually, it’s increasing awareness of the dangers of water wasting. The campaign is called “Wasting Water is Weird,” and in addition to a website with some funny short videos, they’ll be taking to the air by way of television spots soon enough. The videos feature spokesman Rip the Drip, who arrives on the scene when water use becomes water waste.

It’s cute, it’s funny and hopefully it will get the younger generation thinking about water waste the next time their brushing their teeth or taking that before-school 10 minute shower. Mostly it just made me sad that this is what we have to do to make people reconsider running the dishwasher with four dirty dishes or leaving the faucet on when brushing their teeth.

One day we will run out and it will be too late to conserve. And that will really make Rip ripped.

Wasting Water is Weird Website