Resolutions for one self are so selfish and 2011. How about making a New Year’s Resolution for the home? Here are some of the top around-the-home, promise-to-be-better-ats for 2012:

  • Improve the Home’s Energy Usage. You know what else is so 2011? Excessive consumption of energy. When was the last time you made any improvements to your home’s energy efficiency? Yes, it can be a little daunting. So start with an Energy Audit. The rest will follow.
  • Change up a Room. Yes, it involves making decisions about style, colors and accessories. But you can have fun with it! Start with painting. Learn how to prepare a room for painting and then try out a new painting technique, like ragging. One the paint job is in you can set about new furniture and accessories, if you’re willing to take the makeover that far.
  • Update Your Kitchen – On a Budget. “You don’t need $100,000 to remodel your kitchen. You can do it for a lot less.” But how much less? We’ve designed a Kitchen Budgeter to help folks like you comes closer to the kitchen of your dreams without going broke. Try it out. It’s totally free.
  • Got any 2012 plans for your home? Tell us about them!