Cat owners love to spoil their feline friends. And nothing says spoiled like a cat funhouse with a built-in pond, custom aquarium and a touch screen floor.

Welcome to the Friskies Plus Playhouse, a cats-only romper room that will play host to 10 cats for two weeks, with all the fun enjoyed therein broadcast live on the Friskies Facebook page.

The idea (besides drawing traffic to their Facebook page) is for cat owners to get inspired by the fun they see these lucky dozen having. Facebook community members will have the ability to vote on daily “extras” to be added to the Playhouse, like climbing trees, tunnels and a bubble machine.

There will even be opportunities for viewers to interact with the cats, like operating mechanical toys remotely and move and zoom cameras.

Will you be tuning into the Friskies Plus Playhouse?

Friskies Facebook Page