CSL may be an England-based sofa specialist, but don’t let that fool you. Those Brits still know a thing or two about interior design.

To prove it, CSL has recently released the Colour My Room app, a free online and phone app that let’s shoppers upload an image of their room and get instant advice on a sofa to go along with the room’s color scheme.

All right, so it’s an obvious sales app, but even consumers who aren’t inclined to buy from CSL can still take the free advice and use it to find something similar from a store closer by.

The app uses four different color palettes in the same way that a professional interior designer would, analyzing the photo of the room and coming up with suggestions for complementing colors and sofa styles to fit the room.

Would you use the Colour My Room app even if you didn’t want to buy a CSL sofa?

Credit: CSL