As heat wave after heat wave sweep across the States, homes everywhere are looking for better and cheaper ways to keep cool, particularly at night. The office space may provide AC during the working days and the pool or swimming hole some respite in the after-hours, but keeping the bedroom cool for a full 8 hours becomes everyone’s priority when the sun sinks but the mercury doesn’t.

For those who can’t afford an AC or would prefer to save money at night, Brookstone has introduced the Brookstone Bed Fan with wireless remote. A bed-specific product, the fan is designed to tuck in between the top and bottom sheets and lowers body temperatures through “variable speed and targeted airflow.”

The selling point for the Brookstone Bed Fan is the ease with which the unit can be placed to cool just one or both occupants of a big bed. That and the wireless remote, which lets you control the fan without having to get up from the cool comforts of the bed.

The Fan sells for $99.99. Would you buy one?

Credit: Brookstone