Are you having trouble getting your kids to take out the trash or clean their rooms? The answer may be just a download away.

Available for free on a limited time from the Apple App Store, the “Neat Bed” app is the brainchild of KnackMaster, Inc., who released it as the first in their Enzo & Friends series. The series itself is an interactive storybook about a boy who learns new skills around the home. Intended for kids aged 3 to 7, the series teaches children how to take on common household chores, using a handful of fun, animated games as the medium.

Although it’s a bit sad that we need apps to teach our kids the value of completed chores they’ve been tasked with, at least this is a better use of their time on an iPhone or iPad than, say, Angry Birds Space.

The irony of the app? Kids will probably say they are too busy playing it to be bothered taking out the trash.

Credit: KnackMaster