We can’t get enough tiny homes here at Renovate Your World. For starters, they require clutter-free living. And we’re all about zero clutter. They’re also super-green, which is world is in dire need of.

So we turn our attention to husband and wife team Shane and Carrie Caverly, who designed and built a tiny home on a trailer foundation for the ultimate in mobile living. They’re calling their creation Clothesline Tiny Homes, and they’ve shared their design adventure with the world, from the design sketches to final photos.

Some of the features of their home include:

  • Passive solar design
  • Grew water collection tank
  • Incinerating toilet
  • On-demand hot water heater
  • Recycled framing lumber
  • All told this is 204 square feet built on a 5-wheel gooseneck trailer. Simple, small and portable.

    The Caverlys are taking orders on replicas of their prototype home, which will set you back $48,000. They also deal in designs and tiny home consultation.

    Clothesline Tiny Homes