Tommy’s New Line

Custom Order

It is rare for Tommy to have pieces ready and available for sale. Every so often he reacquires past work or is inspired by certain material and just has too build what he envisions. In these instances, available work can be found here.

Almost all of Tommy’s work is custom, made-to-order for his clients. Some people contact us knowing exactly what they are looking for, while others just have a vague idea, but what everyone buying a Tommy Mac original has in common is an appreciation for Tommy’s exquisite craftsmanship and artistry.

Each piece begins with a concept either in form, function or both. You’ll meet with Tommy to discuss design, material options and an estimated delivery date. Once Tommy starts building your piece, it becomes top priority in the shop and each detail, no matter how big or how small receives his full attention ensuring the highest quality. As a client, you are welcome to be as involved in the process as you like, some clients stop by the shop during construction to see progress while others like to wait until delivery for a dramatic reveal. We hope to exceed all expectations leaving you full of pride knowing you now own a future family heirloom built by Thomas J. MacDonald.