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    Hey everyone,
    I was given a joiner for my shop. It is a gift that came “as is”, and very little information about spares parts available.
    I have contacted Delta and they have tried to be helpful, but I’m coming up with significant belt discrepancies and need to help of people who might just know more.
    I have tried using a 1/2’x23″, 1/2″x24″, 1/2″x25″, 3/8″x23″, 3/8×24″ and still too short. Im planning on returning the latest belts that were too short and trying a 3/8″x25 but does anyone actually have this joiner and able to tell me the belt they are using and maybe where it was from?



    I am assuming there is some kind of tension adjustment. If so, move the tension adjustment to somewhere in the middle. Now measure from outside to outside of the pullies, on center. This should give you a usable length. Next measure across the inside of the pulley where the belt sits, this should give you a usable width. If the width is to narrow the belt will have a tendency to work into the pulley and grab as it turns, this is evident by turning the pulley by hand with the belt installed. If it is grabbing you will see the belt move downward into the pulley as it releases during the revolution, This could cause vibration.

    Best of luck to you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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