In his first season, Tommy commemorated Veterans Day with the construction of a red oak presentation flag box and a behind the scenes tour of the USS Constitution, the world’s oldest commissioned warship still afloat. Tommy visited the famed battleship at the Charlestown Navy Yard where she was located while in the midst of a major restoration. Naval historian Margherita Desy took Tommy into the bowels of the vessel so that he could better appreciate the construction elements that engendered her extraordinary structural integrity. Constructed of incredibly dense live oak and white oak with copper fasteners made by Paul Revere, Old Ironsides, as the ship was nicknamed after cannonballs glanced off her thick hull in the war of 1812, was built to withstand the pummeling of the war. As a parting gift, Margherita gave Tommy an original block of live oak from the ship that, back in his shop, he fashioned into extra-sturdy splines for his flag box joints.

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