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If you are looking for a truly special piece that you and your family will enjoy for generations to come, look no further.

Tommy’s process is that of a true artist – with great attention to every detail from wood selection, layout, and grain direction to traditional joinery all the way up to the hand-applied finish, every element reflects a deep understanding and respect for his craft.

Each piece begins with a concept either in form, function, or both. You’ll meet with Tommy to discuss your piece: design, material options, and an estimated delivery date.

Once Tommy starts building your piece, it becomes top priority in the shop and each detail, no matter how big or how small, receives his full attention, ensuring the highest quality. Some clients contact us knowing exactly what they are looking for, while others just have a vague idea.

What everyone commissioning a Tommy Mac original has in common is a great appreciation for Tommy’s exquisite craftsmanship and artistry. Use the contact form below to get your commission started.

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Tommy’s New Line

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Draw inspiration from Tommy’s gallery of past commission pieces.

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