Wicked Smaht Woodworking

Learn Woodworking From an Expert Craftsman

No-nonsense instruction for all skill levels. No apprenticeship required.


Back in the day, aspiring woodworkers would apprentice at the feet of a venerated elder, shadowing and learning for years upon years.

Today? We’ve got YouTube, and Tommy has a channel. Nice.

In his Wicked Smaht Woodworking series, expert woodworker Tommy Mac offers:

  • Project tutorials
  • Plans
  • Patterns
  • Instructional booklets

Find your next project below!

Project #1:
Adjustable Back Arm Chair

Project #2:
Studio Stool

Project #3:
Step Stool

Stools | Rockers | Arm Chairs

Want to skip the building process? Purchase your own furniture built by Tommy himself.


From Emmy nominations to feature articles in industry publications, Tommy has done it all.