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How to Repair Broken Tile, Part Three

How to Soundproof Your Studio for a Better Podcast

The popularity of video and audio podcasts has drawn attention to the value of good acoustics and the importance of soundproofing the space you record in. Large, ‘echo-y’ rooms make the audio hard to understand and difficult to listen to. In addition to the sound that moves to the camera directly, other sound waves travel from the point of origin out to reflective surfaces and back again. These reflections mix with the direct sound and distort the sound’s clarity. The solution is to use sound-absorbing materials to capture reflections and prevent them from being recorded during the podcast. When properly installed, these specially designed sound-absorbent materials trap reflected sound waves, resulting in a clearer audio for your podcast. To achieve these results, we installed Owens Corning QuietZone® Noise Control Batts and SOLSERENE® Fabric Ceiling System to the ceiling above the workspace, to the wall behind the workspace and to three movable sound absorbing panels, which can be rolled into place, as needed. Here’s how to do it.

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