Handcrafted Flag Stools


Discover the beauty and significance of my handcrafted Flag Stools, each one a unique creation designed to send a heartfelt reminder to a combat veteran or Gold Star family.

Crafted in pairs from a single board, each stool is hand-painted with dye and meticulously aged to capture a weathered, storied look. The result is a pair of stools that are not only functional but also rich in character and history. Every set is numbered (e.g., 001-A and 001-B), symbolizing an eternal connection between the two. When you purchase a stool, its companion is gifted to a veteran or Gold Star family of your choice, or perhaps to someone you've yet to meet.

Join me in honoring the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Your support helps me continue this meaningful gesture, one handcrafted stool at a time.

The studio stool was designed to be comfortable for everyone, elegant, and have a small footprint. They are handmade from responsibly grown and harvested hardwood, forested in the USA. A single board seat with a subtle curve for comfort, these stools are joined together with time-tested superior through mortise-wedged tenons. Under normal use and conditions, these stools are guaranteed not to fail. Available in tiger maple. All stools come with a signed and numbered certificate of Authenticity.

*If you are a combat vet or a Gold Star Family and would like to purchase a single stool for yourself, please contact us for special pricing.

Footprint – 16.25”x 23.25”
Height – 24.5”
Seat – 10”x18”


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