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Flood Prep – Walls

Keep these points in mind when you have a waterproof veneer added to the exterior walls of your house:

a) Adding a waterproof veneer is appropriate in areas where the flood depth is less than 2 feet. When flood depths exceed 2 feet, the pressure on waterproofed walls increases greatly, usually beyond the strength of the walls. If greater flood depths are expected, consult with a licensed civil or structural engineer before using this method.

b) Changes to the foundation of your house must be done by a licensed contractor, who will en-sure that the work is done correctly and according to all applicable codes. This is important for your safety.

c) If your house is being remodeled or repaired, consider having the veneer added as part of the remodeling or repair work. It will probably be cheaper to combine these projects than to carry them out separately.

d) If your house has brick walls, you can still use this method. The new brick veneer and water-proof membrane are added over the existing brick.

e) If your house is flooded by groundwater entering through the floor, this method will not be ef-fective.

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