How to order Rough Cut DVD’s
To order DVD’s of Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac go to shopPBS where you’ll find full season DVDs and plans for Seasons One and Two.  DVD’s and plans are not available for subsequent seasons at this time.  To watch full episodes of all seasons of the program, click here.

Do all Rough Cut episodes have DVD’s and plans available?
No.  Only Seasons One and Two have DVD’s and plans available.  To purchase, go to shopPBS.org

How do I find air times for Rough Cut in my hometown?
Use our station finder to find the station and time Rough Cut is broadcast in your hometown!

Can I get Plans for Tommy’s Projects?
Plans for Seasons One and Two of Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac are available at shopPBS.org.  We do not currently have plans available for subsequent seasons.

I have a question about one of the techniques used on the show. . .  
There is a wealth of information in our How2 section. If you still need help drop into the Forum.  It contains lots of answers to question just like yours and users who are willing to help.

Can we visit your shop?
The shop is, well a shop and when we are not filming we are usually building projects or preparing for next season.  We do on occasion open up the shop.  If we do we will make you aware of it though the site or social media.

Are Tommy’s projects for sale?
No.  Tommy’s projects are not for sale.

Where can I purchase the tools that are used on Rough Cut?
For tools, please go to Woodcraft.com .

How can I find out when the show is airing in my area?
Check here:  Station Finder. Press/media/advertising inquires, please send an email to mandy_miller@wgbh.org

Where can I get Rough Cut Merchandise?
Please go to shopPBS.org where you’ll find DVD’s, plans, and other merchandise.

Other show inquiries
Contact Adrienne Rahn at adrienne_rahn@wgbh.org