Furniture Project Videos

Bombe Secretary

Tommy’s Mt Everest: The Bombe Secretary. On a trip to the RISD Museum in 2006, Tommy found his greatest of all inspiration in a Serpentine Front Bombe Secretary on display. What would soon be dubbed “the beast” took Tommy a solid year to complete. This video series is an absolute treasure, documenting the creation of Tommy’s biggest achievement to date, which has since been on display at the Massachusetts Historical Society, the RISD Museum and in Doric Hall of the Massachusetts State House.

Federal Table

The Fed Table covers some pretty basic Federal style construction and embellishment: four different legs and feet, stringing, bell flowers, two bandings, a cool sand-shaded fan and a dovetailed drawer with a veneered front. Initially a 207 Forum hit, the Fed Table was attempted by numerous forum members and had it’s own Fed Table thread, complete with a detailed procedure list, stock list and tool list – an internet first at the time.

Blanket Chest

The Pilgrim Blanket Chest is a great project to help you master good machining techniques and table saw work. You’ll get plenty of practice with dados, stop dados, raised panels, cutting stiles and rails, and top and bottom panels. The chest will also require some router table work for the beads and stop chamfers around the panels. There’s some great relief carvings that will involve steady hand router work as well. All in all, the Blanket Chest project is really just a big lesson on frame and panel construction. But don’t be intimidated! It’s much easier than it looks at first.