Ribbon Mahogany Slant Top Desk


A classic Chippendale slant top desk has become one of Tommy’s most sought-after pieces.

The timeless design allows the desk to stand alone and blend well with any home Decor. These beautiful works of art have been commissioned by clients to commemorate anniversaries and other major milestones for their loved ones.

Cherished for years to come, built to be passed down for generations; this desk will become part of your family’s story and hold all your best memories.

This desk is crafted from extremely rare, 100-year-old ribbon mahogany. Natural mahogany is a rare and exotic wood, but ribbon mahogany is even rarer and cannot be found in board form as it is reserved for a veneer for instruments.

Tommy’s desks are all one of a kind, but this is one of his most special pieces. A perfect treasure for a pianist!

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