season5Season 5 hosts a range of large-scale projects, including a pencil post bed, marble topped Queen Anne Table, and a glass door china cabinet.  With his trademark passion for fine working and technical expertise, Tommy takes on each project with his unique character and style, utilizing a variety of materials and methods. Within each half-hour episode, Tommy covers the step-by-step process, and offers special “T-Mac tips” on technique.
season4Tommy brings his woodworking expertise to everything from a beautiful glass desk lamp with an amazing geometric design to a bright red bent lamination chair. There’s a birdhouse, a memory box and even a bed on the docket. Tommy knows the devil is in the details, so he’ll be calling out the techniques as well — viewers will learn the ins and outs of dovetails, mortise and tenon joinery, federal embellishments, veneering and more.
season3The projects of Season 3 are designed to appeal to both the weekend warrior and the hardcore woodworker alike. It’s tables, bowls, barrels and more as Tommy takes it to the woodworking limits in Season 03 of Rough Cut. On road trips to Napa Valley, the Berkshires and Rhode Island Tommy learns the secrets of the masters and applies time-tested techniques and time-saving tricks to his own projects back in the workshop.
season2This season, Tommy heads out of the workshop to gain design inspiration in New York and California, as well as around the show’s home base in New England. Then it’s back to the shop with new ideas and inspiration.
season1Follow Tommy as he travels to historical New England landmarks to gain design inspiration, then returns to his workshop to demonstrate the steps and techniques it takes to create comprehensive woodworking projects.