Like the phoenix she is rising.

Rising from the ashes.

In an earlier Blog post I recounted my episode with oily rags and the damage the resultant flames cast upon my garage workshop. It’s been four months now and things are starting to get back to normal.

After moving all of my major power tools to safe storage, the contractor started the rebuild process by cleaning up the mess. Here is shot of the third “dumpster” waiting to be filled with debris. The first two carried out most of the “contents” that were damaged.

Then it was on to the tear down. His highly dedicated crew took off the roof and all but two walls of the garage; leaving me with just a dirty slab and a few remaining cabinets.

After that, they started the rebuild. In just 3 days the guys had the shell erected and the sheathing on.

Over the next few weeks, the roof was on and shingled, the rough electrical was in, the siding was going on and new front windows were installed. These guys are doing a great job. Our contractor thinks we will be moving back into the house by February 2011. Once there, it will be my turn to set up the SHOP! I guess it’s time for me to start planing on how I want to lay things out. Some chores are never done.