Serpentine front Boston Bombe Secretary

According to the Colonial Society of Massachusetts ‘The American bombé casepiece is among the most outstanding furniture forms produced by American eighteenth-century craftsmen. Bombé furniture is rare, well designed, and skillfully constructed. More importantly for the historian, its production was almost exclusively confined to the city of Boston and its immediate environs.’ The combination of the serpentine front and curved sides is the hallmark of the Boston Bombe and the highest expression Massachusetts Chippendale style furniture.

Tommy’s most iconic piece to date is considered by some to be the finest expression of its kind. Building this piece in the twenty first century, Tommy had the luxury of studying the few remaining and incorporating only the most successful elements, resulting in an overall improvement upon the original designs. Tommy also had the added benefit of unprecedented access to an original Bombe Secretary at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum in order to measure and trace elements of the historic piece with industry experts.

Once the design was finalized and drawn to scale, Tommy traveled to Pennsylvania to hand select a piece of South American Mahogany big enough to build the beast. Between 2006 and 2008, the entire process was documented on camera and aired on The docu-series was an instant success and the precipice to Tommy’s international television show Rough Cut: Woodworking with Tommy Mac Co-produced with WGBH in Boston from 2010-16.

Since its completion, Tommy’s Bombe has been on display in various museums, and other locations including the Massachusetts Historic Society and the Massachusetts State House. It has now returned to Tommy’s collection and is available for purchase.

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102”T x 48”W x 24”D

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