I don’t have shower glass, because I don’t have a glass-enclosed shower, but I have seen the effects of time on shower glass, and it ain’t pretty. The combined effects of hard water, heat, humidity, and soap can leave spots on, discolor, and corrode that once-clear and pristine surface. The worst news is that these effects are pretty much irreversible—shower glass will never look as good as the day you installed it, no matter how much cleaning solution you use. The good news is ShowerGuard, a new kind of shower glass made to resist damaging stains and corrosion. During manufacturing, ShowerGuard’s surface undergoes an ionic-bonding process that permanently seals the surface and protects it indefinitely against the corrosive effects of chemicals and contaminants. The surface stays smooth (no pitting or build-up) and easy to clean. ShowerGuard is a product of Guardian Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of float glass and fabricated glass products. ShowerGuard is available through custom glass dealers.

ShowerGuard Glass