Everyone knows Orkin. Especially pests. That red diamond “Orkin” logo is like a harbinger of doom for ants, termites and biting/eating/gnawing insects everywhere.

Orkin recently released a list of helpful tips for a successful BBQ. Not surprisingly, the tips had nothing to do burger grilling time and everything to do with keeping insects–particularly mosquitos–away.

Since it is BBQ season, I am passing along Orkin’s tips:

  • Apply an EPA-approved insect repellent on exposed skin and clothing to deter mosquitoes.
  • Empty standing water from birdbaths or flowerpots to reduce mosquito habitats.
  • Thin vegetation around the home to help reduce locations that can hide mosquitoes, and bee and wasp nests.
  • Fit screens and tighten seals properly on doors and windows to prevent pest entry.
  • Cover food and drink containers to help limit food sources for bees and wasps.
  • Call a licensed pest control professional for nest treatment and removal, and mosquito and other summer pest control services.
  • People who experience severe allergic reactions to stings should consult a physician immediately when stung.
  • The part about eliminating standing water in the yard is the most important, in my opinion. Mosquitoes only need a tiny amount of water in which to lay their eggs. Hundreds and hundreds of eggs.

    As a bonus, check out this Orkin video on backyard BBQ pest prevention.

    I’m curious to hear of any home pest prevention “remedies” or all natural means of warding off mosquitoes and the like. Anyone have some tried and true solutions that don’t require EPA approval? Organic pest control, maybe?

    Credit: Orkin