In their quest to assist homeowners in their big kitchen appliance purchasing decision, KitchenAid has assembled this helpful list of “cooking styles” with matching appliance types. Not sure if you need a gas, electric, or combo? Don’t know how often you’d need a warming drawer? Guess no more. Find your style, build your kitchen:

The Short Order Cook: Is breakfast a big deal in your home? Love the home fried potatoes, burgers and grilled sandwiches served at diners? Then consider a 36″ range with a griddle between its four burners or a 48″ model with six burners for the ultimate in versatility.

The Grill Meister: Enjoy cooking outdoors? Love to see impressive grill marks on your steaks, chops and grilled vegetables? Then opt for a 36″ range top with a grill surrounded by four burners. To allow for carefree, high-heat grilling be sure to pair it with a sufficiently powerful ventilation system and consider an exterior blower motor (affixed to the outside of the house) to supplement its ability to remove the heaviest smoke.

The Frequent Entertainer: Nothing tests the skill and juggling ability of a home cook like entertaining. For those with extra space, a 48″ range with six burners and two separate ovens, each with three racks, allows for cooking and baking many different dishes at one time at different temperatures. For those with a traditional 30″ space, KitchenAid will soon offer the first dual fuel range with a double oven, providing the industry’s largest capacity.* Another smart choice is a range with a built-in warming drawer for keeping foods at the optimal holding temperature while waiting for guests.

The Aspiring Chef: For those who want both the performance and looks of professional grade equipment, KitchenAid offers a number of commercial-style ranges that provide the best of both worlds: the precision of a gas range top paired with the even cooking of an electric oven. These dual fuel ranges are available in everything from 30″ slide-in models to 48″ versions featuring two separate ovens, two 20,000 BTU dual flame burners and a built-in griddle.

The Recipe Tinkerer: Relatively new for the home kitchen, steam-assisted cooking has long been a secret weapon of restaurant chefs for achieving everything from moist chicken with crackly skin to perfectly crusty baguettes. The moisture from the steam prevents foods from drying out, meaning no need for basting. Best of all, it cries out for experimentation with both familiar and new recipes. KitchenAid offers both dual fuel ranges and double ovens with steam capabilities.

The Master Baker: If even browning of cookies, breads and pies on multiple racks is a priority, O’Connor recommends a range with True Convection. Unlike standard convection, which simply moves the oven’s hot air around with a fan, True Convection utilizes a fan with its own built-in heating element. This allows for better, more even performance for not only baking, but convection broiling and roasting as well.

I like what KitchenAid has done here. I do wonder how many other cooking styles we might squeeze into this list. How about “Mr. Microwave,” who has no need for a range or oven but rather requires an oversized freezer in which to store his week’s meals? Or the “Washing Wacko,” who throws every kitchen utensil, pan and accessory into the dishwasher, sans pre-rinse, with complete disregard for warning labels on said items? A heavy duty dishwasher (or three) might best suit such an individual.

What kinds of cooking style are you? Can you come up with one not seen here?

Credit: KitchenAid