Though probably not intended for residential use, I suspect those of you with teenagers in the house may be interested in NaturalNano’s latest creation—cell phone blocking paint! That’s right, once again nanotechnology has your back. This time they’re using copper halloysite nanotubes suspended inside everyday, spray-on paint. When applied to a surface, the compound will effectively stop any and all RF signals from passing through (that’s in and out). Obviously, the first place you’d put this is your local movie house, but other applications include concert halls, schools, and even churches (Amen!). “But what about those super important calls, like the babysitter, doctor stuff, and the Pats’ score,” you ask? One option would be a localized network, within the building, determining which calls are “high priority” and then passing them along internally. I suppose this would require registering your number at the door, but hey, it’s a start. Of course, let’s not be naive, this technology will also allow the above facilities to charge us for such calls—that’s America for ‘ya. Not much word on when you’ll start seeing—or not hearing—this stuff in the real world, but it can’t be soon enough.

Credit: Newsday