Drill dust got you down? Cheer up—there’s a solution. Kärcher, makers of cleaning products and accessories, has your power drill’s new best friend. The Kärcher DDC 50 Drill-Dust-Catcher attaches to the drill site using a battery-powered vacuum for hands-free operation so you can focus on drilling—brilliant! Simply drill through the hole and the dust and debris collect in the container below. The Kärcher DDC 50 is not yet available in the States—the word is they will be releasing it this spring. Retail prices overseas vary—I’ve seen it coming to about $30, but this is after converting from Danish Kroner, so don’t hold us (or Kärcher) to that price. Homeowners everywhere may soon start looking for cleaner construction practices. I know I’m not the only one who would like to see drill debris finally bite the dust.

Credit: Smart Stuff