Okay, I’ll admit it—I’m just loving these laundry wars! LG Electronics has come out with the LG Tromm Steam Washer, a first in the effort to reduce water usage while using technology to get clothes cleaner. A steam chamber heats the water and feeds steam into the 4.0 cubic foot capacity wash drum. Steam washing is purported to get clothes cleaner and remove laundering agents more effectively than traditional, water-wasting cycles, but there are nine washing options, including combination water and steam cycles. A steam-only option lets you freshen clothes and remove wrinkles in just 20 minutes, and a remote monitoring device can go with you and keep you updated on your laundry. This strikes me as real progress, granted at a relatively high price. The Energy Star-rated washer starts at $1,500. Check out the video for more info, it’s worth a peek.

Credit: Gizmodo

LG Electronics