Time is always in short supply, especially for those on the go-go-go. Patient preparation of the evening meal is no longer an option for the average household. With a nod to this hectic lifestyle, TurboChef Technologies has released its 30” Double Wall Speedcook Oven for residential use. Touting a “retro-modern” design, the Speedcook features two ovens that are as similar as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins. While the bottom oven operates as a traditional high-end convection oven (Danny), the top one (Arnold) utilizes TurboChef’s patented Airspeed Technology—until recently only available in their commercial products. Airspeed Technology circulates currents of heated air through the top and bottom of the oven cavity to cook food evenly. Precision microwave technology kicks in to assist when necessary. This Airspeed cooking technology allows otherwise time-consuming meals to be cooked in minutes. Examples? Rack of lamb in 3 ½ minutes; cod with potatoes in 7 minutes; a 12 lb. Thanksgiving turkey in 42 minutes. And don’t worry—you won’t be sacrificing quality for speed. With an integrated control and LCD display, the Speedcook allows for accurate oven setting to assure the food is cooked correctly. You can even store favorite recipes and settings for future use. Optional finishes include stainless steel, ivory, white, and a few other attractive colors. The Speedcook will be available in the fall of 2006, and the current suggested retail price is $7,495. Pricey, yes, but time is money so why not save some by cooking faster?