In these times of PIN numbers and passwords, our feeble human minds become cluttered with number and letter sequences that grant us access to all that is important in our lives—our bank account, our email, our homes…In an effort to clean out some of the clutter, ADT is introducing a new version of its popular Safewatch EZ home security system. With this new version, the security system is linked to the deadbolt locks in the house—rather than having to remember a code to activate or deactivate the system, all you need is your key! Turn the key, and the system turns on or off. The Safewatch EZ can be linked as many as four deadbolt locks, and can also be installed to secure up to two garage doors, allowing users to arm or disarm the system with the remote garage door opener. No more forgetting passcodes, no more access denied to your own home. The new system and installation start at $399, with monthly monitoring costs starting at $26.99. Available now.