The only thing better than watching World Cup games is watching it with a bunch of similarly passionate soccer fans. Get a group of us together and it’s mayhem. But it can also mean a shortage of places to sit. Let’s face it—anyone who has hosted a large gathering for a movie or sports event has been through it. Beanbags are a cheap solution, but not all beanbags are created equal. I found one that would complement my friend’s World Cup Viewing room quite nicely—the Omni by Sumo. Their “Urban Lounge Gear” has been featured on MTV, and the company has made some charitable donations to the New Orleans Habitat for Humanity. Sumo claims their Omni is capable of supporting up to ten unique lounging positions (check out the photos on their website—they DO look quite comfy), and the smaller Otto beanbag can be used as a perch or footrest. Sumo’s products use a rip-proof and stain-proof nylon, and the oversized Omni weighs a mere 18 pounds, so you can put that baby wherever you want. I’m going to suggest that my friend with the World Cup viewing room invest in a couple of these—at around $125 you really can’t go wrong, and they sure beat folding chairs!