It’s hard to appreciate the challenges presented by old age and debilitating injuries unless one has experienced them first-hand. What I can appreciate, though, is when a company comes out with a product to make life a little more manageable for those live with such concerns. Accessibility issues will confront us all at some point, and it’s good to know someone cares. Take the MediTub, for example—with its access-conscious “flex-a-door,” the MediTub is essentially a walk-in bathtub, made especially for individuals with mobility challenges. The specially designed door claims to eliminate some of the imperfections of competing walk-in tub products, such as small doors, in-swinging doors that hit one’s legs, and out-swinging doors that are difficult to close once inside the tub. The MediTub features a convenient seat for comfortable soaking, and optional hydrotherapy jets. A no-scald, temperature control valve keeps the water at a safe temperature. The tub sells for as little as $4350, and is available now.