Hurricane season is here and coastal communities are bracing for the storms. Every year brings new building codes to protect homeowners in storm-threatened areas and new products to help builders meet code without sacrificing the bottom line. Norbord Windstorm OSB (Oriented Strand Board)provides continuous sheathing to connect directly to the sill and top plate and resist uplift and wind shear. Using a single panel to connect the sill to top-plate eliminates the need for blocking, U-straps, filler strips and wall uplift hardware. This means faster sheathing and greater exterior integrity that is code approved for communities with wind speeds in excess of 110 miles per hour. An engineer-specified nailing pattern operates in place of costly uplift hardware, saving builders time and equipment costs. This sheathing was used in the NextGen House at the 2006 International Builders Show, where contractors clamored for hurricane-proof building materials. Windstorm OSB is available through local building suppliers.

Windstorm OSB